About the Work


All of my jewelry and their components are fabricated by my hands. 

The Glass

I am fusing together flat sheets of Bullseye glass in opaque and transparent colors and layer them with dichroic color in the center.  I melt this in the kiln for a "blank" of color which I then cut and grind into the shapes for my jewelry.

The Metal

I make a fine silver bezel around each piece of glass and create a cup the glass sits in so I can then fabricate it into fine jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and for men, cufflinks and bolo ties.

The Inspiration

Bright, bold color and abstract shapes reflect my love for contemporary art. Mid Century Modern designers, abstract art and especially minimalist painting and sculpture provide endless themes for discovery.


More to come as I explore and produce leather and wood jewelry this year.
Stay tuned!