Summer News

It's been a long hot summer down here in Athens, GA. I've been staying home working in the studio, catching up on glass jewelry making and keeping healthy.

I took on a wholesale account this year with my glass jewelry. I'm still not convinced that was the wisest thing to do but at any rate, I'll sell those 60 pairs of earrings with or without that account! If you are in Decatur, GA or New Smyrna Beach, FL stop by Wild Oats & Billy Goats and give them the stink eye! lol I work really hard on my jewelry and I don't see stores really understanding that. So we shall see!

Before I started working on an Etsy shop I wanted to restock my earrings and other items in my store here so I could move over to the leather and wood jewelry and start building a shop that is a catch all for many of the art forms I have been building over the years.

I decided to keep this website primarily for my glass jewelry. The Etsy store, which I am naming "netski" (after a nickname from my Polish loving friends) is about keeping things light and happy. I'm optimistic I can find an audience for my past creations. I've got lots of leftovers from my leather days in Chicago and want to sell that work somehow. (maybe restyle it?) I want to create fun, lightweight, playful, inexpensive work that will allow me to forget about the restrains of making glass jewelry. Stretch creatively!

I've got a few shows I may be doing... Marietta, GA.... Winston Salem... Columbus, OH! I will see what I can get together for those events. If I do them. I'm not really focusing on art fairs but they occasionally become necessary evils. I really love being home and would like to sell more online and take care of the people who really want custom stuff.

I love the glass jewelry but I ALSO love the idea of working in other mediums. Otherwise I get bored! lol





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