Shifting Focus - My Balancing Act for 2022

Candy colored glass to metallic painted leather, it's been my balancing act in 2021 and I'm ready for more. I've been happily creating in my home in Athens, Georgia. I'm lucky to have a peaceful setting while the wild birds enjoy the homemade suet I made for them when I work on my computer stuff!
I've been at the glass jewelry for about thirty years and I've decided to branch out and work out other bodies of jewelry work that are NOT glass.
I want... need to spread my creative wings!
I used to work with leather in the 80's and felt the urge to pick up that material again. Turns out, I found that painting the leather gives me an immediate satisfaction. I am focusing on creating a collection of leather and wood (which I haven't quite gotten to yet) jewelry for a new Etsy shop. I decided I am going to call this shop AP ART JEWELRY. That way people will not be confused about why it's called "Studio Mod Glass" when it's not glass. So, stay tuned for that announcement!
(and check out all the new work I added in Leather)
I do love my glass jewelry and have no plans of stopping.
I just won't be doing it full time. I am hoping I can wholesale the leather jewelry so I can "buy" time to make glass jewelry without the pressure of selling just glass jewelry. Does that make sense? It does to me!
I'm have a sale in January with the glass jewelry I have on the website!
I'm super excited about 2022 and the combination of materials I will be creating jewelry with. I hope you will follow me on my journey.